Speech Coaching

If you’ve ever had a seat in front of a speaker or presenter whose voice seemed to fill the room and capture every ear, you probably witnessed first-hand the amazing effects of good speech coaching or voice training. Some people have a naturally warm and commanding voice, but many more have simply been taught how to use theirs well.


Professionals with unique voices, or those who speak with a thick accent, can especially benefit from speech coaching. Public speaking is the most prominent fear in the world, and it’s even more difficult to overcome if your voice itself needs development.

Whether you perceive a limitation in your voice, or you just want to be one of the best, speech coaching from the world’s most successful presentation coach can move you to the next level.

Speech Coaching

Speech coaching is perfect for the introverted professional who would rather hide behind an email than speak in public. Learn how to develop a clear and crisp voice that will capture your crowd as you present:

  • Reduce your accent.
  • Learn dos and don’ts from a video collection of famous speakers.
  • Train your voice to speak in resonant and rich tones.

The benefits of effective speech coaching don’t stop with the sound of your voice. Your confidence, and then your stage presence, will improve as your vocal pace, tone, and resonance develop.

Next Steps

The Power Presentations, Ltd. Custom programs were designed to train professionals who need more training and development of a specific vocal limitation. The Custom program can be tailored to address voice training, media training, speech development, and/or preparation for shareholder meetings. Graduates of of our programs are also candidates for a one-on-one training session!

Contact Power Presentations, Ltd. online, or call us at (650) 227-1160, for more information.

Training Programs


Coaching for a specific presentation: product launch, industry conference, internal pitch, press tour, or keynote.

The Core

For up to four people, all of whom contribute to the creation of a target presentation and then develop their own presentation.


Coaching for the mission critical live and online versions of the IPO road show presentation.

The IPO Road Show

Intensive coaching for up to four senior executives to create the IPO road show and deliver it with poise and confidence.


Coaching for a persuasive presentation to raise private investment capital successfully.

The Financing

For up to four participants, each of whom contributes to the financial presentation and receives hands-on coaching in the delivery of the pitch.


Coaching for any presentation in a large group format; public and corporate coaching workshops.


Public: Register online today!
Private: One and two-day corporate coaching workshops for your team.

We also offer Custom Programs—see the Custom options or Contact Us today!


Jerry helps you focus on the substance of your presentation rather than just its form. He forces you to think clearly and succinctly. As a result, not only does your audience understand your business better, you do too.
Christopher Spray
Former Senior Partner / Atlas Venture
Jerry Weissman’s presentation coaching is world class. A person contemplating a presentation without utilizing his expertise is like a soldier going to battle without weapons.
Jay C. Hoag
Founding General Partner / Technology Crossover Ventures