Public Speaking

The world’s number one fear is public speaking, and that fear holds back far too many talented and capable professionals. The ability to engage and inspire an audience of any size is a coveted one, and one that can be taught.  Power Presentations will help you overcome your anxiety and speak with confidence and authority.


Public Speaking Training

There seems to be no shortage of resources on overcoming a fear of public speaking, but if your business or your future depends on this skill, a couple of blog posts are not enough. Further, many of the quick solutions being offered focus on temporarily masking your nerves or acting a part.

Effective public speaking training will help you actually become a better speaker, not just pretend to be one. Good, thorough training will teach you to:

  • Present naturally rather than robotically.
  • Deliver with poise and assurance.
  • Use your body language to convey confidence.

Good public speaking training will also teach you to prepare an effective presentation, design compelling slides and visuals, and control a Q&A session. Authentic stage presence isn’t an act; it starts with confidence in your presentation.

Next Steps

The Power Presentations Core Program is a three-day training opportunity that will teach you the skills you need to have in order to be confident during your next public speaking engagement. If you have specific needs regarding your public speaking presence that you want to address, our Custom program can help with voice training, media training, speech developments, and more.

The old adage is true: it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Clarity and confidence are essential to persuade your audience, and they are qualities you can learn to leverage every time you speak.

Training Programs


Coaching for a specific presentation: product launch, industry conference, internal pitch, press tour, or keynote.

The Core

For up to four people, all of whom contribute to the creation of a target presentation and then develop their own presentation.


Coaching for the mission critical live and online versions of the IPO road show presentation.

The IPO Road Show

Intensive coaching for up to four senior executives to create the IPO road show and deliver it with poise and confidence.


Coaching for a persuasive presentation to raise private investment capital successfully.

The Financing

For up to four participants, each of whom contributes to the financial presentation and receives hands-on coaching in the delivery of the pitch.


Coaching for any presentation in a large group format; public and corporate coaching workshops.


Public: Register online today!
Private: One and two-day corporate coaching workshops for your team.

We also offer Custom Programs—see the Custom options or Contact Us today!


Jerry Weissman’s presentation coaching is world class. A person contemplating a presentation without utilizing his expertise is like a soldier going to battle without weapons.
Jay C. Hoag
Founding General Partner / Technology Crossover Ventures
Jerry Weissman explains in clear terms how to stand up, be heard, and truly master how to reach people with influence.
Simon Witts
Former Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Partner Group / Microsoft Corporation