Presentation Training

A successful presentation can earn a promotion, much-needed funding, a new job, and more. A poor presentation, by contrast, can have disastrous effects. No matter what your job description or industry, most people will eventually find themselves presenting an idea to an audience.


Professional Presentation Training

Power Presentations, Ltd. can help your business succeed. Whether you’re starting your own company or are a student thinking about the future, we can help turn you into a master presenter. Our differentiated methodology provides a rich set of techniques to address and integrate all the vital elements of every presentation: story development, slide design, delivery skills, and handling tough questions.

Our proven presentation training will teach you to:

  • Craft a presentation that tells a compelling story.
  • Design slides that enhance the presentation and capture the audience.
  • Be calm and confident on stage.
  • Handle even the toughest Q&A session.

Most professionals dread presentations because they are accustomed to sitting through boring, monotonous slides. We can show you how to build excitement, gain a captive audience, and hook them with your story.

Thousands of clients have mastered these techniques and inspired their audiences. With training from a world-class presentations coach, you don’t have to be nervous about pitching an idea, selling a startup, or presenting your idea to the C-suite.

Next Steps

Our Core Program is the best training for small groups of business executives. The course is available as a one-, two-, or three-day program, and will teach you all of the skills you need to start giving memorable, effective presentations.

Thirty million presentations will be given today. Many will be ignored; a few will stand out. We will show you how to make your presentation unforgettable. Gain wisdom from the best as Jerry Weissman, the world’s top presentation coach, shares his secrets.

Training Programs


Coaching for a specific presentation: product launch, industry conference, internal pitch, press tour, or keynote.

The Core

For up to four people, all of whom contribute to the creation of a target presentation and then develop their own presentation.


Coaching for the mission critical live and online versions of the IPO road show presentation.

The IPO Road Show

Intensive coaching for up to four senior executives to create the IPO road show and deliver it with poise and confidence.


Coaching for a persuasive presentation to raise private investment capital successfully.

The Financing

For up to four participants, each of whom contributes to the financial presentation and receives hands-on coaching in the delivery of the pitch.


Coaching for any presentation in a large group format; public and corporate coaching workshops.


Public: Register online today!
Private: One and two-day corporate coaching workshops for your team.

We also offer Custom Programs—see the Custom options or Contact Us today!


Jerry Weissman is an expert in helping leading technology executives improve the clarity and substance of their communication. Jerry does an excellent job of giving sound recommendations that will lead to better communications and leadership.
James W. Breyer
General Partner / Accel Partners
Jerry Weissman has had an enormous impact on the companies that I’ve managed: First Tuesday and now Ariadne Capital. Through his sessions and techniques, he’s helped me to bring everyone onto the same page with a clear statement of what we’re trying to achieve and to get credit for what we’re doing by telling a better story. His latest book is testament to the fact that ‘Form is Content.’
Julie Meyer
Founder and CEO / Ariadne Capital