Executive and Corporate Coaching

Whether your company needs to earn approval for a project, raise financing, sell a new product, or motivate and inspire your team, every member of your executive team should be able to give a well-prepared, engaging, and confident presentation. This team represents your company and your brand in every arena—in front of employees, investors, and the general public. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will always represent you, and each other, well.


Executive and Corporate Coaching

A thorough executive/corporate coaching program can set your team up for success wherever they find themselves. Genuine executive coaching is about more than remembering lines and acting the part. A business’s executive team needs to be empowered to understand the mechanics of a great presentation, so each individual can drive success and growth in his or her department.

Effective executive and corporate coaching will help you to:

  • Grow your company.
  • Earn higher stock prices and IPO valuations.
  • Motivate your team(s).

The presentations and public speaking engagements that take up an executive’s time are more specific, and come with higher stakes, than those that most business people need to prepare and train for. While good presentation training will help any executive, specific attention to the corporate concerns of the executive team will help create an elite team of high-quality communicators and business representatives.

Next Steps

Jerry Weissman, the world’s top presentation coach, has spent over 27 years coaching executives to deliver successful presentations in any setting. Clients include Yahoo! CEO Tim Koogle and Netflix Founder and CEO Reed Hastings.

Power Presentations, Ltd. offers private Corporate Coaching Workshops in one- and two-day formats. When your whole team learns to develop their presentation skills together, you get the added benefit of building a stronger team. Private one-on-one coaching is also available for executives.

Contact Power Presentations, Ltd. online or call us at (650) 227-1160 for more information on any of our programs.

Training Programs


Coaching for a specific presentation: product launch, industry conference, internal pitch, press tour, or keynote.

The Core

For up to four people, all of whom contribute to the creation of a target presentation and then develop their own presentation.


Coaching for the mission critical live and online versions of the IPO road show presentation.

The IPO Road Show

Intensive coaching for up to four senior executives to create the IPO road show and deliver it with poise and confidence.


Coaching for a persuasive presentation to raise private investment capital successfully.

The Financing

For up to four participants, each of whom contributes to the financial presentation and receives hands-on coaching in the delivery of the pitch.


Coaching for any presentation in a large group format; public and corporate coaching workshops.


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Private: One and two-day corporate coaching workshops for your team.

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Jerry's special touch enabled us to explain complicated concepts in plain English. Jerry made our corporate presentations and earnings calls much more understandable and interesting.
Ford Tamer
President and CEO / Inphi Corporation
I use your stuff every day. Changed my life. Changed my bonus!
Karyn Scott
Senior Director, Global Campaigns / Salesforce.com, Inc.