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Our team at Power Presentations is passionate about helping you do business better. Chances are you’re not a full-time speaker, but every professional—in just about every industry and field—will eventually find himself in front of a board, boss, investor, prospect, or team of coworkers. Whether you’re pitching an idea or reporting on progress, a confident presentation will sell you and your ideas to your audience.

Welcome to the Power Presentations Resource Center. This space is a growing collection of articles and resources that will help you continue to improve as a presenter.

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5 Essential Steps to a Winning Presentation

You may not recognize it when you hear or see it, but every successful presentation follows a clear path and a few essential guidelines. Whether you’re preparing for your first or your fiftieth, “Crafting the Power Punch: 5 Essential Steps to a Winning Presentation,” will walk you through crafting a great presentation for any audience.

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5 Techniques to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Americans fear public speaking more than death (and clowns and zombies), but the ability to give a smooth, clear presentation is crucial for professionals in just about every industry today. There are a lot of “tips and tricks” on the internet for subduing and hiding your fear, but “Fear Factor: 5 Techniques to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking” shares five proven strategies for actually overcoming it.

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PowerPoint Slide Design 101

No one gets excited about presentation slides: not audiences, and usually not presenters. But PowerPoint (or Keynote, or whatever software you prefer) slides can and should be valuable, engaging assets for your presentation. “PowerPoint Slide Design 101” will teach you how to plan and design slides that help tell your story and sell your idea more effectively.