The IPO Road Show Program

Is your company ready to go public, or are plans for an IPO on the horizon? Becoming a publicly traded entity is a benchmark of success, but only if investors buy your stock. Get ready to pitch the past track record and future potential of your company to investors.

Get Ready To Hit The Road

Every company that offers stock to the public must go on a road show. Are you prepared to travel the country presenting to potential investors? Today, video versions of your presentation must be shared online—one more reason to be sure your pitch is perfect. A compelling road show is a critical component of a successful IPO road show. Persuade your investors to buy your shares with help from Jerry Weissman and Power Presentations, Ltd.

Our IPO Road Show Program focuses on four areas:

  • Tell a succinct story
  • Create memorable slides
  • Deliver with poise and confidence
  • Handle tough questions

Having coached over 600 road shows, Jerry Weissman’s experience can make your IPO road show soar!

Three Dynamic, Flexible Options

Our IPO Road Show Program is customizable to fit your requirements and your time frame. It is available in a three-day Standard option, two-day Accelerated options, or one-day Custom options that will get your C-suite team ready to launch.

Our most complete IPO program covers story development, slide design, delivery skills, how to integrate story, slides, and delivery, and culminates with how to handle the toughest VC questions. For maximum benefit, we highly recommend taking the three days over non-consecutive days and starting your IPO preparation as early as possible.

The two-day Accelerated IPO program is a condensed version of our three-day IPO program for companies with a short time line. The consecutive two-day course covers all the essential elements: story development, slide design, delivery skills, and how to handle tough questions.

The one-day Custom IPO program is available in three focus areas: story development and slide design, delivery skills, and how to handle tough questions.

Start IPO Preparation Today

Invest the time to gain the experience and expertise of Jerry Weissman and Power Presentations, Ltd.

Contact our team today to start getting ready for your road show!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jerry’s intricate knowledge of the IPO roadshow pitch process and ability to put a room at ease while teaching complex skills was invaluable to our effort. A constant professional, Jerry always led by example and made himself available anytime he was needed. Simply put, he is a master of his craft.
Udi Mokady
President & CEO / CyberArk Software, Ltd.
As one of the key advisors in preparing for our IPO, Jerry's coaching mattered, was applied, and worked. We were well prepared (we met over 150 investors in 11 cities) and had a great road show. With Jerry's help, we were able to talk about the Control4 opportunity and business as well as answer questions in a way that resonated with investors, which helped us start building the book from the first day and culminated in our offering being well oversubscribed by pricing-day.
Martin Plaehn
President & CEO / Control4 Corporation
Jerry's IPO course covers everything that you and your team will need to be fully prepared for every investor situation you will encounter during your IPO road show. I would not consider doing a road show without spending a few days with Jerry learning his proven methods for successful investor presentations. Both my CFO and I thought the time was an excellent investment.
Chris Lien