• Jerry’s special touch enabled us to explain complicated concepts in plain English. Jerry made our corporate presentations and earnings calls much more understandable and interesting.

    Ford Tamer

    President and CEO, Inphi Corporation

  • As a scientist and businessman, I made hundreds of presentations to varied audiences, however these presentations were often too scientific or detailed. Jerry’s outstanding methods and process helped to transform and hone my presentation skills to get laser-focused on the message of each slide, the flow of the presentation and the manner of presenting. This greatly aided me in raising a Series B round from VCs and eventually in negotiating a deal to sell the company to DuPont.

    Glenn E. Nedwin, Ph.D., MoT

    CEO, TripleDNA Consulting, LLC

  • Jerry Weissman and Power Presentations helped us raise our game for the IPO roadshow. Not only did we strengthen our company positioning as a result of our work with Jerry, but we also learned effective presentation techniques, how to handle a variety of topics and situations in Q&A, and how to match our visuals to our words and story to create a memorable presentation. I would absolutely recommend Jerry’s coaching to any senior executive preparing for an IPO or major company presentation.

    Noah Breslow

    Chief Executive Officer, OnDeck Capital, Inc.

  • Jerry’s intricate knowledge of the IPO roadshow pitch process and ability to put a room at ease while teaching complex skills was invaluable to our effort. A constant professional, Jerry always led by example and made himself available anytime he was needed. Simply put, he is a master of his craft.

    Udi Mokady

    President & CEO, CyberArk Software, Ltd.

  • I want to thank you for putting on one of the best trainings I’ve had over my 30+ year career. What made it so good for me was your enthusiasm for your craft! I will be certain to take the skills I’ve learned to improve and enhance my face to face meetings with my customers. It’s no wonder why the Huffington Post calls you the world’s number one presentation coach!

    Don Corey

    Principal Member of Technical Staff, Maxim Integrated

  • Jerry Weissman is a true master of his craft. His coaching not only changed the way we think about our presentations, but has provided us with valuable tools which will allow us to communicate clear and powerful messages going forward.

    Ziv Aviram

    Co-founder, President and CEO, Mobileye

  • MobileIron’s business is growing rapidly and we needed to take our presentation skills as a management team to the next level. Jerry Weissman’s program did that for us. Jerry’s approach reaches into your brain and fundamentally changes how you approach delivering presentations and answering questions. Jerry’s approach is transformative yet practical and, in retrospect, simple. You don’t know how much better you can be until you go through it. I continue to use the skills I learned almost every day. They’ve become a part of who I am and how I communicate.

    Bob Tinker

    CEO, MobileIron, Inc.

  • Cisco originally expected to get $13.50 to $15.50 per share for its stock. “But during the road show the company was so well-received” that it managed to sell 2.8 million shares at $18 apiece, Valentine [chairman of the Board of Cisco Systems] said. He attributed “at least $2 to $3” of the increase to Weissman’s coaching.

    Don Valentine

    As quoted by San Francisco Chronicle, July 9, 1990

  • Jerry was highly influential in every aspect of our IPO road show, but his impact extends well beyond that presentation and is part our day-to-day lives as executives.

    Brian Cooper

    Executive Vice President & CFO, Everyday Health, Inc.

  • Jerry’s workshop was the most useful presentation workshop I have ever attended. Jerry has a great approach to presentations that has made a significant difference in the way I present. I truly learned more than I expected.

    Deborah Donaldson

    MBA Candidate 2015, Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Jerry’s training sessions and techniques were invaluable as we prepared for Opower’s IPO. He helped us navigate a completely foreign process, and enabled us to communicate our company mission in a clear and compelling way. His insights will stay with me as we move forward as a public company.

    Daniel Yates

    CEO and Founder, Opower, Inc.

  • I enjoyed working with Jerry as we prepared for our IPO roadshow. He has an approach that is focused on presentation fundamentals combined with opportunities to practice, review, and improve. I can confidently say that working with Jerry improved my presentation skills and elevated the overall quality of our presentation.

    Dave Krupinski

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Care.com, Inc.

  • Jerry Weissman’s genius is getting successful leaders like me to realize we are imbeciles when it comes to effective communication that is not email. In particular, Jerry broadens one’s perspective on how to use the visual well, how to focus on the audience’s perspective and on how to keep the narrative strong and compelling. I benefited from Jerry’s work way back in 1995 for my first IPO, and then went back again in 2002 for my second IPO—in both cases his teaching added tremendous clarity to our investor presentations. Not only should IPO-bound CEOs read this book, but everyone who does presentations should absorb its messages. 

    Reed Hastings

    Founder and CEO, Netflix, Inc.

  • Have you ever been faced with a tough question? Jerry Weissman shows how it’s not necessarily what the answer is. It’s how you answer that will allow you to prevail and win!

    Tim Koogle

    Former President and CEO, Yahoo! Inc.

  • If you want to have a successful roadshow, call Jerry—because you want him on your team. Jerry is a master at his trade. His training sessions and workshop were invaluable and his approach to training is both humbling and encouraging. He not only prepares you for the roadshow, but also for being a public company. Today as we prepare for meetings with investors we still refer back to what we learned from the roadshow training.

    Sean Aggarwal

    CFO, Trulia, Inc.

  • Jerry’s IPO course covers everything that you and your team will need to be fully prepared for every investor situation you will encounter during your IPO road show. I would not consider doing a road show without spending a few days with Jerry learning his proven methods for successful investor presentations. Both my CFO and I thought the time was an excellent investment.

    Chris Lien

    CEO, Marin Software, Inc.

  • As one of the key advisors in preparing for our IPO, Jerry’s coaching mattered, was applied, and worked. We were well prepared (we met over 150 investors in 11 cities) and had a great road show. With Jerry’s help, we were able to talk about the Control4 opportunity and business as well as answer questions in a way that resonated with investors, which helped us start building the book from the first day and culminated in our offering being well oversubscribed by pricing-day.

    Martin Plaehn

    President & CEO, Control4 Corporation

  • One of Pantheon’s client-facing professionals took Jerry’s Power Presentations program. The next day, armed with her Opening Gambit, Roman Columns, and WIIFYs, she flew to Chicago for a meeting with a public pension fund. She nailed her presentation and raised $160 million! Now we have all of our client-facing professionals attend Jerry’s course!

    Kevin K. Albert

    Managing Director, Pantheon Ventures (US) LP

  • Jerry’s coaching has been invaluable for many of our c-suite clients as they prepare for their debut or return to the public markets. His high-impact presentation approach has been tremendously successful. In addition, Jerry’s book series that detail his differentiating concepts have been incredibly instructive.

    Michael Millman

    Managing Director, Equity Capital Markets, J.P. Morgan

  • Jerry’s technique is both masterful and universal because it finds common ground between audience and speaker, hard questions and direct answers, all with a very simple principle: truth.

    Pierre Omidyar

    Founder and Chairman, eBay and Co-Founder, The Omidyar Group

  • Jerry Weissman helped prepare my management team for our IPO. I sat in on some of the sessions and was most impressed with Jerry’s innovative ways of teaching and optimizing effective executive communication methods. This training, encapsulated well in his new book, In the Line of Fire, paid off handsomely during our numerous road show presentations.

    Ray Dolby

    Founder, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

  • Jerry’s insightful coaching helped us to launch a major new chip design successfully. His new book, The Power Presenter, makes the invaluable techniques he showed us at Intel available to everyone.

    David Perlmutter

    Executive Vice President, General Manager of Intel Architecture Group & Chief Product Officer, Intel Corporation

  • If you’ve ever had butterflies when standing before an audience, this book is for you.  Jerry Weissman is one of the world’s experts in teaching people to overcome their nerves, and his secret starts with something very natural—the comfort we feel when having a conversation with one other person.

    Chip Heath

    Bestselling Author, Made to Stick and Decisive

  • Jerry Weissman explains in clear terms how to stand up, be heard, and truly master how to reach people with influence.

    Simon Witts

    Former Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft Corporation

  • Value simply cannot be realized unless it is communicated. Untold wealth has died on the vine because it was not effectively presented to key constituents in the value chain. In this respect, Mr. Weissman and his methods are responsible for the realization of tremendous value in the American economy over the past 15 years. Nobody teaches the art and science of business presentations better than Mr. Weissman. He is more than the best in his class…he created the class. I have recommended him to dozens of companies. With his help, they have dramatically improved the effectiveness of their internal and external presentations. In Presenting to Win, he makes his powerful techniques accessible to every person who cares about truly realizing value in their business presentations.

    David M. Traversi

    Former Founder and Managing Director, 2020 Growth Partners, LLC

  • We pay big bucks to get Jerry to coach our company CEOs on how to tell their story, and it’s worth every penny. Now everyone can learn about Jerry’s secret sauce for the price of a few lattés.

    Barry Weinman

    Co-Founding Partner Emeritus, Allegis Capital

  • There are those rare people who can stand up in front of an audience and deliver an impromptu, high-impact message. For the rest of us, there is Jerry Weissman, who helps us create a high-impact presentation. His methodology lets you go beyond the jargon of any profession and develop a presentation that will be meaningful to your audience. Miraculously, your confidence will soar. He helped me and many others in business…and I am glad to see that he wrote a book. Beyond the logic of preparing presentations using his methods, the book is full of little nuggets that I will want to refer to over and over again. And so will you.

    Les Vadász

    Former Executive Vice President, Intel Corporation

  • After you spend years building your startup, there’s a fleeting moment in time where perception meets reality in the creation of the market value around it. There’s not a person in the Valley that has coaxed more multiple points out of the market at that point than Jerry. His coaching on how to really efficiently organize and explain ANY subject matter is proven, and shows in his book.

    Bill Tai

    General Partner, Charles River Ventures

  • I took Jerry’s course to prepare for the Abaxis IPO, but what he taught me I have used every time I get in front of people, not only in formal presentations, but in just everyday communication. And, now as a VC, I listen to 300–400 presentations a year. It’s just incredulous how so many entrepreneurs don’t know how to present their companies in a clear, concise way that would get you excited about them as an investment.

    Gary Stroy

    President & CEO, IntelliDx, Inc.

  • Jerry helps you focus on the substance of your presentation rather than just its form. He forces you to think clearly and succinctly. As a result, not only does your audience understand your business better, you do too.

    Christopher Spray

    Former Senior Partner, Atlas Venture

  • Weissman’s organization of a CEO’s thoughts and presentation usually created 15–25% more value to the company from institutional investors.

    Sanford Robertson

    Founder and Partner, Francisco Partners

  • Jerry’s methods in Presenting to Win helped us raise our own first venture fund with twice the commitments we needed in half the time. Those same methods then helped many of our portfolio companies not just in their presentations, but had a significant impact in the marketing of their products.

    Andy Rachleff

    President and CEO, Wealthfront Inc.

  • Jerry’s book Presenting to Win is, like his consulting practice, totally on-point and practical. Jerry has worked with many of the companies I took public as an investment banker or invested in as a venture capitalist. He made a huge difference in each and every situation. The best evidence is that even the most polished CEOs in the valley made dramatically more effective presentations with his expert guidance. Since Jerry can’t work with everyone individually, it is terrific to have his approach and thoughts available in Presenting to Win.

    J. Sanford Miller

    General Partner, Institutional Venture Partners

  • Jerry Weissman has had an enormous impact on the companies that I’ve managed: First Tuesday and now Ariadne Capital. Through his sessions and techniques, he’s helped me to bring everyone onto the same page with a clear statement of what we’re trying to achieve and to get credit for what we’re doing by telling a better story. His latest book is testament to the fact that ‘Form is Content.’

    Julie Meyer

    Founder and CEO, Ariadne Capital

  • Jerry’s help has been of enormous value to many of my companies over the years (at Venrock). Jerry has a unique ability to guide management teams to clearly identify and convey their key messages in a manner best suited to obtain the desired impact on their target audience. The transformation can be magical at times, and we have found that not only does the management team appreciate his advice, but the target audience also, as they are able to understand the key issues faster and more clearly than otherwise possible.

    Patrick Latterell

    Founder and General Partner, Latterell Venture Partners

  • Perception is often as, if not more, important than reality. Great presentation is more important than great substance in creating that perception. I don’t know anybody who has more experience than Jerry in creating great perceptions.

    Vinod Khosla

    Founder, Khosla Ventures and Partner Emeritus, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

  • Jerry Weissman’s presentation coaching is world class. A person contemplating a presentation without utilizing his expertise is like a soldier going to battle without weapons.

    Jay C. Hoag

    Founding General Partner, Technology Crossover Ventures

  • Jerry’s classic is the definitive encapsulation of a true ‘maestro’ playing his ‘A’ game. His techniques were an absolutely critical success factor in Luminous raising $80mm in one of the toughest market environments I’ve ever seen. There isn’t a successful entrepreneur I know who won’t benefit from leveraging his persuasive, maximum-impact presentation principles.

    Dixon R. Doll

    Founder and General Partner, Doll Capital Management

  • During one of the most important periods of my career, Jerry used the concepts in Presenting to Win to prepare me and my team for the EarthLink IPO road show. He helped us hone our message so that it could be crisply communicated to our audience, and in the process, we gained a better understanding of our own strategy than ever before. Jerry teaches you how to tell a story, which is more critical to success than most people think. 

    Sky Dayton

    Founder and Chairman, Boingo Wireless, Inc. and Former Founder and Chairman, EarthLink, Inc.

  • Jerry Weissman is an expert in helping leading technology executives improve the clarity and substance of their communication. Jerry does an excellent job of giving sound recommendations that will lead to better communications and leadership.

    James W. Breyer

    General Partner, Accel Partners

  • Clear, concise, and high-impact communications are necessary for every business executive in today’s high-speed world. Jerry Weissman provides leaders with simple tools they can draw on quickly in order to maximize the return on all of their communications efforts.

    Sue Bostrom

    Former Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Worldwide Government Affairs, Cisco Systems, Inc.

  • Going into it, I had read two of the Jerry’s books—and [thought] that I had a good handle on many of the things that I and we (as an org) needed to address in terms of presentation skills.

    I could not have been more wrong.

    Academically, I probably could have passed a written exam with flying colors. However, after being in the room, learning, viewing examples and working in breakout sessions—it became even more clear how much better we all could be doing in terms of audience engagement, slide creation, and answering difficult questions.

    John Burke

    Cross-Channel Marketing, Experian Marketing Services

  • I use your stuff every day. Changed my life. Changed my bonus!

    Karyn Scott

    Senior Director, Global Campaigns, Salesforce.com, Inc.

  • If you want to have a successful roadshow, call Jerry—because you want him on your team. Jerry is a master at his trade. His training sessions and workshop were invaluable and his approach to training is both humbling and encouraging. He not only prepares you for the roadshow, but also for being a public company. Today as we prepare for meetings with investors we still refer back to what we learned from the roadshow training.

    Pete Flint

    CEO, Trulia, Inc.

  • Jerry was truly transformational in the entire IPO process.

    Vlad Shmunis

    CEO, Founder & Chairman of the Board, RingCentral, Inc.

  • The perfect presentation has the potential to impact the most important events in your company’s life: financings, mergers, partnerships. Despite this, most executives and entrepreneurs continually fall short when it comes to delivering a crisp, clear message in a compelling and concrete fashion. Luckily for them, the master, Jerry Weissman, has decided to share his secrets in Presenting to Win.

    Bill Gurley

    General Partner, Benchmark Capital