The Core Program

What skills are required to become a power presenter? Do you have them? And if you weren’t born with them, can you learn them? Power Presentations, Ltd. has the real-world experience and cutting-edge tools you need to transform every aspect of every presentation. Our Core Program addresses story development, slide design, delivery skills, and how to handle the toughest questions.

Craft Your Presentation into a Compelling Story

All great speakers share the ability to command attention while telling their story. Often referred to as executive presence, the ability to tell a succinct and captivating story makes for an unforgettable presentation and a great leader. Where does your tale begin, travel to, and end? Power Presentations, Ltd. will teach you to structure your story and design supporting visual slides into the game-changing experience you need.

Skip the giant, one-size-fits-all trainings and invest in this intimate, small group, hands-on presentation training course for you and your team. It is an excellent way to prepare for a new product launch, press tour, industry conference, or keynote speech.

Develop Personal Presence for Confident Delivery

Being a great communicator is not just about what you say, it’s also about how you say it. Speaking in the right tone and using the right body language are as important as the content you are delivering. Presenters with great executive presence can master all of these skills. They are decisive yet composed and concise yet charismatic.

Jerry Weissman and Power Presentations, Ltd. can help you develop your delivery skills and executive presence so you will continue to improve long after your target presentation has ended. Our Core Program is the perfect choice for polishing your marketing or sales teams, or for enhancing your general presentation and public speaking skills.

Control Your Q&A Sessions

A great way to measure executive presence is by how well a person can think on his or her feet. Many presenters are terrified of Q&A for this very reason: there is no map to follow. Even if you know your content like the back of your hand, you could still get a question that makes you stumble and sends you in the wrong direction.

Using examples from business, media, and politics, our Core Program will teach you to:

  • Take control of the exchange and come out on top
  • Avoid sounding defensive and evasive
  • Be clear and concise in your answers
  • Answer even the most unexpected questions with authority

No matter what your professional position, you will be judged by how you answer the hardest questions. Handle them brilliantly with the confidence you earn from working with Power Presentations, Ltd.

Course Options That Deliver Results

For full value, we recommend taking the three-day Standard Core Program over three non-consecutive days so you can absorb and practice the skills. We also offer other versions of the Core Program to best meet your needs. Click on each option below to learn more.

Our most complete Core program, best delivered over three non-consecutive days, covers story development, slide design, delivery skills, how to integrate story, slides, and delivery, and culminates with how to handle tough questions.

The consecutive two-day program is available in two options in a condensed version of all topics from the three-day program (story development, slide design, delivery skills, and how to handle tough questions) or a focus on just story development, slide design, and delivery skills (no Q&A).

The one-day Custom Core program is available in three focus areas: story development and slide design, delivery skills, and how to handle tough questions.

Make a Professional—and Personal—Change

Whether you’re starting out or looking to sharpen your well-honed presenting tools, Jerry Weissman and Power Presentations, Ltd. are ready to guide you through the challenging and rewarding work of improving your presentation skills.